Probate 214: Will Writing

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December 5, 2013 by generationsprobate

Death is an inevitability, so rich and powerful people usually have wills so that they can dictate where their hard-earned property will go once they breathe their last.

The average Joe usually thinks that he doesn’t need such wills. That is untrue, however, as one’s property will go under probate, where things can get unpredictable from there on out, if his estate is unprotected by a will.

It is due to this fact that writing a will is a necessity. Some pointers must be remembered in order to have a very effective will:

Openness to Change

The only constant thing in the world is change, as death in itself is the final change a person goes through before he dives into the abyss of the unknown. A person with a will should be open to regularly changing his will if something significant happens.

Consider Social Media

Nearly everyone has a social media profile or two. It is worthwhile to think about what should be done with these profiles when one dies. Giving the executor of the will a copy of every social media account and explicit instructions with what to do with them could help.

Hire a Lawyer

One can only go so far without knowing the laws that go around wills and probate in general. Having a qualified and trusted lawyer on call can help the individual writing a will breathe a little easier and make a comprehensive plan.


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