When to Hire a Probate Lawyer

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December 15, 2013 by generationsprobate

Death is a topic that most people would rather not discuss, yet this eventuality is something that everyone should prepare for well in advance. Those with foresight draft a will while they are still alive to ensure their assets are properly transferred to loved ones in case they pass away. However, a complex set of laws govern this process, which is called probate. That’s why most people hire a probate lawyer to help them sort out the legalities. Here are just a few occasions for when getting a probate lawyer will be ideal:

Drafting a Will

Everyone knows they should draft a will while they are still alive, but many neglect to do so. Fortunately, a probate lawyer can help clients accomplish this task since wills have to be carefully worded in order to avoid ambiguities.

Administering an Estate

Most wills name an executor who inventories a deceased person’s assets and oversees their distribution to qualified heirs. However, most executors are relatives or close friends who have work and families to attend to. A probate lawyer can help them navigate the legal complexities of administering an estate and make sure that people receive what is due them.

Contested Wills

Oftentimes, wills are executed without disputes. In some cases, however, family members squabble about who should receive what or question the validity of a will. Whenever wills are contested, hiring a probate lawyer is recommended to help resolve discord among heirs.


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