Don’t Hire Probate Lawyers Only After Someone Dies

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December 20, 2013 by generationsprobate

When a person with substantial assets passes away, it’s up to their immediate family to manage those assets. While this is often something that grieving individuals do not deal with immediately after their loved one’s passing, it must be addressed as soon as possible.

Sometimes, the process can be tedious and complex. This often happens when the deceased did not draw up a proper will prior to their passing, when multiple wills exist, or expectant heirs were not included in the last version of the will, among others.

These issues are why consulting a probate attorney is a good idea. While it may seem like a person is just short of declaring their own passing when working with a probate attorney, it is necessary to help ensure that whatever property and finances they leave upon their passing will be properly managed.

This is further beneficial for families with a patriarch or matriarch who has lived a long life and may be dealing with terminal illness or old age and may pass away soon. As they most likely cannot deal with their estate personally, they can have their chosen probate attorney work with their chosen heirs to complete their preferred probate arrangements.

Probate attorneys can provide complete assistance to individuals who need to manage their trust or estate. It is advisable for people to hire probate attorneys who work within the city and state where they will have the probate executed in order to have representation knowledgeable of local laws.


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